How to spy on Android phones

Android Spy: How to spy on Android phones

Are you concerned about the everyday activities of your children? Have you ever caught your husband talking to someone else when you are not around? Are your employees not devoted towards the firm and aren’t following the prescribed professional standards? If yes, then your life certainly needs to experience a huge turn!

The use of technology has expanded mainly in the past few years. Individuals whether kids, teenagers, or adults, everyone is focused on their life, and more probably on their phones. There was a time when handsets were considered as a luxury, but today, even the SIM cards that we use are sold for free! Time flies away really fast! However, ever since then, the aspects of life and relationships have also changed rapidly. Now people consider their virtual friends more reliable than their parents, even on the dinner table, they are found using their phones, and family gatherings are no more field with the fun of late night chatting!

Android Spy: How to spy on Android phones

Android Spy: How to spy on Android phones

With the increased involvements of people in smart phones, a need for privacy and protection is also felt largely. Approx 90% of our populations spends more than half of their day with phones, and this population largely comprises of the teenagers. The increased cases of molestation and crimes have also got a huge support due to the availability of this technology!

So what it the consequence posed by all of this? How can we keep our self-up-to-date as well as secured? How to stay in touch with our loved ones every time we want? Well, we have a solution!

Make the use of Free Android Spy Software and get your life on the right track!

Make the use of Free Android Spy Software and get your life on the right track

Make the use of Free Android Spy Software and get your life on the right track

Spy software is many, but choosing the right platform is what we are meant to do. The availability of technology on one side has provided us with a lot of beneficial features, but on the other, it has brought a lot of limitations as well.

Net Spy is one such advanced software which makes the use of hi-tech technology and turns it into a beneficial tool. The software allows easy android phone monitoring which is the most used gadget today. With the help of android spy software, one can easily keep the uncertain record of all the activities happening on someone’s mobile phone.

Not only this, but through the integration of world-class quality and services, the app creates a perfect platform for all the parents, spouses and employers, tired of other people’s behavior. The software can detect all the actions that happen in their real life and can act as a complete package of surveillance. Once installed, you never have to touch their phone again to as to update any information in it. The app can be easily hidden and thus when all the actions take place, your identity is kept anonymous. There is a lot more which our free android spy software does, and it can’t be explained in words!

So understand this easy downloading process and get the way to spy on Android phones

So understand this easy downloading process and get the way to spy on Android phones

So understand this easy downloading process and get the way to spy on Android phones

As already stated above, to closely understand the features of our smart software, you need to get in touch with it personally. The extensive features, benefits and customer oriented services will leave you astonished. Moreover, with our full-time assistance, you won’t find any complexities while downloading the software. So here is the guide to our downloading and installation process-

  • 1st method- installing the app on the target phone-

In this process, you need to stay a little alert while you get the software installed. This is because, here, you need access to their device either without their permission, or with it. So it’s your call. Once you get their phone, you need to install the application on their phone and on your phone as well. The app will ask for certain permissions that you need to allow. Once you complete the process, hide the application so that the target user could not detect the app. On your phone, an account will be created which will link both the phones with one another. This process is quite difficult but is available in a lot of Smartphone spying apps.

  • 2nd method- installing the app remotely without touching their phone-

In this case, you don’t have to touch their phone as the app can perform all the surveillance tasks remotely. It is a more advanced version and is available in only certain apps like the NetSpy. It eradicates all the risks involved in touching their phone. If you don’t want to give them any hint regarding your actions, then use this method. You will be instructed as the method largely differs in every application. In common, the software has to be installed on your Smartphone. After which you either have to make a call or have to send a text to their phone. Through this, a code will be generated on their mobile phone which will link both the devices. So make use of this technique for an advanced level of protection.

NetSpy: Free Android Spy

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Things to keep in mind before you continue with the above-mentioned process

Keep a note that a lot of software might ask you to root for jailbreak the device before you get registered with the software. However, I the case of NetSpy, we bring a wide array of facilities for you. Here, you neither have to root, or jail breaks the device. You can use any of the two methods mentioned above and can easily install the tool on the phones.

Another thing which you must keep in mind is that always go through all the terms and conditions, plus the rules that you must follow as an individual user. It is a well-known fact that hackers and miss-users are spread everywhere. They are just sitting and waiting for the right opportunity to get your details. As we don’t support any such activities, we recommend you to get the users consent before buying our app of possible. However, parents, partners or employers with genuine reasons and authorized documents can also get registered after fulfilling all the documentation requirements of our software.

The five best features included in Android Spy NetSpy

The five best features included in Android Spy NetSpy

The five best features included in Android Spy NetSpy

There are several features which a lot of spy apps claim you to serve with. However, most of them fail to provide you with what they have promised off! Thus, with full ethicality and credibility, our software has collaborated some of the best features that are not found in the basic apps. These facilities will let you concentrate on your everyday chorus while keeping an eye on their actions instantly.

  • Call interception– audio calling is the fundamental feature of every phone for which it was invented. However, tracking the phone calls is one of the most difficult tasks that can be done. But with our software, you can get in touch with their live phones calls through interception. As soon as any call is detected by our app, it will extract out all the details of it and will also save the whole conversation on your control panel. You can now easily listen to this conversation.
  • App installation details– applications are largely required by every phone user to get in touch with the new facilities available for them. Thus, NetSpy aims to track the actions of all the applications which are being installed or uninstalled by the target user in due time. As soon as any such application is downloaded from the app store, the spy app will notify you about it. The details will include the date and time of installation, the location of storage and compete for details of the app like its name, version, requirements, and features.
  • Keylogger– this feature allows the controllers to get the details regarding their passwords. Your email account, Facebook handle, and other such social media accounts always require an id and password to operate. Moreover, your phone also comes with various passwords like finger or face sensor to unlock the phone. Our app is capable of detecting all such passwords and storing them on your control panel. You can now use their accounts any time when you want and can also unlock their phone remotely through these passwords.
  • Text message tracking earlier when a single SMS costs a lot of bucks to be spent on, today, we are entitled to send unlimited texts to any user, and that would not even cost us more than a cup of tea! But with these texts, come to a lot of unexpected limitations. Thus, to stay up-to-date with their actions, you need to install the free android spy software. Now all the inbound and outbound texts will be instantly detected and spied upon. The conversation will be sent to your device. Moreover, it will also be store don the online control panel that you use.
  • Ambient call listening and recording– this feature allow the users to get the full details related to their real-time conversation and locations. Ambient or surrounding sounds largely differ from place to place. The aura of a party is definitely different from the one which you witness in a meeting or on the road. Thus, if you are concerned about them, you can place a call through your phone which will be answered by their device, without letting the user know about it. Now all the slowest sounds will be audible to you, and you can understand what’s happening around them without their permission.

So these were the top 5 features which make our software unique and easy to use. However, when you understand in depth about the tool, you will get to enjoy more than 25 features that are largely created to assist you in the spying task. The features mentioned above, are however needed to keep a better understanding of their life. Moreover, they are the most astonishing ones as they make your spying more reliable and easy. At the most affordable prices, the Free Android Spy Software turns out to be a great deal for all the users.

Spy on Android phones: More Than 30+ NetSpy Features

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The most vulnerable people whom you must spy!

The network of spy apps is largely supported and used by a lot of people. However, there are a certain group of people on whom; the monitoring process is largely undertaken. Through various surveys and researchers, it is found that these people are the ones who either cheat on their loved ones, or get trapped into some uncertain activities. Thus, to keep them safe, the software is largely used nowadays. These people include-

  • Your kids or the teenagers– kids’ fascination towards new technology is nowhere hidden! They easily get trapped by the various baits spread by the social media bullies and later on regret for this. Hackers usually pretend to have similar hobbies and interests like your kids and thus, they trap them easily within days. Thus, if you wish to keep your children away from all such things, then they need to be spied upon.
  • Your spouse– with the availability of various applications, dating has now become something really easy! However such relationships just involve physical interaction and no emotional bonding. If you wish to save your love life from getting into any such traps, then avail the services of our software today. It will let you stay up-to-date with their every call, text and real-time location changing details.
  • Your employees– heading an organization brings a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You need to be active enough so that you can maintain a pace between your work life and your professional life as well. And this is only possible when you start monitoring your workers, not through the CCTV cameras, but through the spy apps. This will let you keep a complete record of their data usage during the work hours, and you can catch then instantly.

Thus, these are some of the benefits, requirements, and services of the NetSpy which are available for our valuable customers. Once you become a part of our extensive network, you will enjoy several beneficial services that you would have never experienced before. So sign up today and bring this amazing free android spy app home today!

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