Best 10 Text Tracker Apps for Android

How to Spy on Boost Mobile Text Messages
How to Spy on Boost Mobile Text Messages
February 26, 2019
4 ways to track your lost Android phone
4 ways to track your lost Android phone
March 5, 2019

Best 10 Text Tracker Apps for Android

Best 10 Text Tracker Apps for Android

Best 10 Text Tracker Apps for Android

Get the best Text Tracker Apps for Android phones

No matter what how much ever we say that we are loyal to each other, that you trust him and you he trusts you, there is always a sense of apprehension, doubt and insecurity in every kind of relationship. It applies to the parent – children relationship as well. Trust is one thing that is hard to earn and easy to lose. In these modern times, it has become all the more difficult to maintain relationships with dignity and trust held high.

Get the best Text Tracker Apps for Android phones

Get the best Text Tracker Apps for Android phones

This is where tech giants have come up with concepts of applications that helps people to track the other person’s text messages, activities and social networking on their mobile devices. This should essentially make people’s lives more difficult and easy both at the same time. Since its inception, these applications have altered human lives in all manners and if we take a look closely there are major tech firms investing in this segment.

Apps such as these currently flock the Play Store with the hope to help users. However, it is important to remember that tracking someone’s phone without their consent is illegal in most parts of the world, so it is always recommended to steer clear of apps like this if your intention is to not break any laws.

A few of such applications are discussed briefly. Most of these apps come with the added functionality of GPS tracking as well, allowing you to get detailed information about the location of your device. This can be handy if your phone is stolen or lost.

#1 NetSpy

#1 NetSpy

#1 NetSpy

With this application, even the deleted messages can be viewed. NeySpy works in iPhone, android and blackberry. Your concerns towards your children and employees can be addressed with this application. You can control their mobile activity with NeySpy tracker. This one is not free and it almost costs FREE to spy on other people’s texts for one year. This application doesn’t confine itself to the doors of text messages, while in-fact it can even check people’s WhatSapp and other social media network platforms.

There is facility of spoof messaging as well. That is, you can send messages from your target phone to any contact in the address book.

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#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy


Many would be wondering which app would work fine with iPhone as most of the application available online is for android. AppSpy offers a relief. It can be operated both in android and iPhone. With AppSpy as well, you can read even the deleted messages. And what more? The app is completely undetectable. You don’t have to worry whether the target would find out the app is installed in his or her phone.

The most convenient feature of this app is that it is completely use friendly. It doesn’t have complicated procedure and any person can install it right away. AppSpy has been getting awesome reviews from the users all over the world.

#3 GuestSpy

#3 GuestSpy

#3 GuestSpy


As all tracking applications require, GuestSpy also require you to install it in the target device. With this application, you get the remote control of all the text messages in the target device. This application has been developed in Texas, United States. It also enables the user to track media, calls and GPS location.

After that, log on to and find all details regarding the targeted device. The time and date of all the texts can be viewed there. This application is just perfect for all parents who wants to keep their children’s activity in surveillance.

#4 TheTruthSpy

Android users can rejoice in the existence of TheTruthSpy. There are two ways to install this application. You can either download it on your PC and transfer it to your target device or you can simply type its name in the web browser of the device.

The application runs in the background and if you are worried that the owner of the device might find out, you can simply be at peace. They won’t. this application requires only one-time payment and that gives you a time off from the headache of regular payments.

#5 PhoneSpying

This application is compatible with all kind of android phones and all its versions. The installation of this application takes only three simple steps which are subscribe, download and activate. Once it is activated, you get all the data required from the personal control panel.

One of the best features of this app is that it has got a free demo on its website. With this, the trust issues are eradicated and users get to feel what is it like using the application well in advance.

This application helps business owners keep their employees in check, protect their company secrets, handle time mismanagement and improve loyalty.

PhoneSpying also enables you to block unwanted installed apps in the device remotely. You can also check the location of the target device and the person carrying the device. As far as location tracking is concerned, the developer mentions that users don’t need to offer GPS access to the app, and that your location will be approximated using mobile data and Wi-Fi signals around you. This will significantly cut down battery consumption and leave you with more battery left at the end of the day.

The application is not free. Users can choose among monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.

#6 Audit android

This application which is extremely user friendly, enables company owners to check whether their employees are using the company devices for their personal uses. This is extremely important as it is required to assess the productivity of the firm’s machinery and the human resources as well. Here’s where audit android comes in.

The application is available from the google play store. Once you download and pay for it, you will get an activation code.

Unfortunately, there is no free demo for audit android like what NeySpy provides, and hence, paying for this application should be a decision made after thorough research. The cost for this application is comparatively low and it is quite economical considering the facilities it offers.

#7 Auto Forward

Auto forward helps the user extract all kind of information from the target device. It is easy to install with the three-step process like that of NeySpy i.e. download, set up and activate. The application is extremely user friendly and comfortable for use. You can access messages on texts, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and Kik. You can also access photos and videos stored on the device and gain access to the PIN restrictions and other data. It is available for iOS devices too. It is second best with rating 4/5 in this list because, in comparison with NeySpy, it offers lesser features and is more expensive. However, it is useful for people who want to prevent espionage at a workplace.

#8 PhoneSpecter

This application is one among the latest well-developed utility apps which can be used to spy on a cell phone. It has no monthly fees. It offers unlimited lifetime upgrades and supports all kind of devices of android and iPhone. There is no access and no possession needed. A video demo is available online. The users who intend to buy can go through it and then decide to be on a safer side.

#9 SpyHuman

This mobile tracker protects your children from online threats by monitoring their smartphone activities including text messages and social media networks. The application remains invisible on the targeted device and collects all the activities of your child without being known by them. It helps you to locate your children’s or employee’s real time GPS Location while the App remains undetectable on the targeted device.

The process how SpyHuman works is simple. The steps are listed below.

  • If you are a new user then, register an account on the SpyHuman for free.
  • Download mobile tracker from the admin panel on the targeted device
  • Install the downloaded SpyHuman app on the targeted device
  • Login to the admin panel and start monitoring

#10 Couple tracker

Couple Tracker comes with a built-in anti-delete feature which doesn’t allow either person among a couple to delete their call logs, messages, location or other data stored within the app. The app also offers real time tracking, alerting the person when their significant other gets a phone call or a text message. It usually takes 2-3 seconds for the information to arrive, but it’s helpful nevertheless. The app asks the couple to share the same data with each other, so there’s no selective visibility of your data. This means both parties will give away the same information to each other.


There are various websites, domains and platforms which list out and describe in detail such facilities existing in usage. They convey ideas according to your need and convenience. One of such websites is Phone tracker ( It provides assistance in selecting the tracking application or software in accordance with your requirement. It lay out a particular design in orchestrating your need in the way it is supposed to be met. The concerns are well addressed and the customer base is loyal as their needs are well met in comfort and convenience.

Review: Best 10 Text Tracker Apps for Android
  • #1 NetSpy
  • #2 AppSpy
  • #3 GuestSpy
  • #4 TheTruthSpy
  • #5 PhoneSpying
  • #6 Audit android
  • #7 Auto Forward
  • #8 PhoneSpecter
  • #9 SpyHuman
  • #10 Couple tracker


Get the best Text Tracker Apps for Android phones. You can read even the deleted messages. And what more? The app is completely undetectable

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