How to track a cell phone location

Free GPS Tracker: How to track a cell phone location

Free GPS tracker service is an almost a query of every aspirant whosoever ever wished to know about the location of the spouse they are with. In this very fast moving world where to arrange the very mean of survival is becoming so difficult for so many people around the world and in this era where it is right for every individual to have a spouse with whom he or she can easily accept fidelity. The people, therefore, go for various technology and services yet cannot find the accurate service which can help them out in tracking about the entire details of their spouse and their hidden activities they are going with.

Free GPS Tracker: How to track a cell phone location

Free GPS Tracker: How to track a cell phone location

In this situation many apps like the Net Spy which comes into play as they can easily locate the location of the next person in almost no time and figure out with whim that the next person is hiding with and what sort of activities the next person is involved with. The device has a series of software which is in-built coded and is then send to the device to whom the person wish to affect and later with desired, the often succeed in doing so too.

NetSpy App lets you locate a mobile phone and have a history of GPS positions.

  • Retrieve the GPS position of the phone every hour with the date, longitude, latitude and location address
  • You can set the interval time to 15 minutes instead of 1 hour
  • View GPS location on Google Map
  • Retrieve position via mobile network if GPS is disabled

The features of the NetSpy for tracking a cell phone location

The features of the NetSpy for tracking a cell phone location

The features of the NetSpy for tracking a cell phone location

Real-time monitoring

The net spy app gives the facility to its every user to monitor the chat service in the real-time as the next person can easily know about the entire process of the next person.

Browsing history

The person who uses these features by the mean of the net spy can easily know about the entire browsing history of the person.

Ambient listening

The ambient listening feature is the tool which helps the next person to listen all the ambient sound all around the world.


The key logger tool gives details about every stroke the next person press and see how the entire screens of pages the users or the victim go through.

Free GPS Tracker: More Than 30 Phone Spy Features

NetSpy App is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps.

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The other benefits of using the NetSpy apps are as follows –

  • Catch cheating spouse– In this century where the fidelity with the person you are living with is very essential for those people who like to live with their spouse yet have a confusion whether the person who is involved in the situation is reliable or not. Therefore to figure out such people and know about the person who is involved with them. The cheating spouses need to know and needs to be punished and therefore the app those people who are somehow trapped in this situation because of the involvement of the extra-marital affairs.
  • Employee monitoring– The employee monitoring is an essential feature and is a very important benefit for a whole lot of people who are being cheated by their spouses. The employee uses the facility given by the person in charge and uses them against him. The employee uses the internet facility which is provided for the official purposes but is unfortunately used to fulfill one’s fantasies. This act is completely punishable and is not acceptable.
  • Parental control– The parental control feature can come to a great importance with the help of the net spy. The next spy has put a whole lot of efforts in knowing about the details of the entire internet that their child is browsing. The internet is full of that content that is not for their age, and therefore this restriction becomes of very importance for those people who wish to be with their parental guidance. This feature helps the parents to restrict the content that their child can watch and thus protect them from external influences.
  • Backup and find lost phones– The backup and find lost feature is very essential and effective for the people who use it. The backup feature allows the user to clone the device of the culprit and then use the data available in it for the future usage of him or her. The backup content is very crucial and effective for later knowing and assigning the data and content. The feature is the lost phones which can be found out by the help of the net spy tool

The net spy tool is very effective for figuring out the lost phone details. The lost phone details can be easily known by the exclusive usage by the next person. The next spy remotely gives the information to the device and then later which can be known for figuring out about the device details. The lost phones IMEI address gets patched with the net spy tool which later continuously sends the given signal back to the person to whom it belongs. The feature is very reliable and trustful. The other impact of the tool is to know about the entire details of the system and later forward it up to the requisite person who is trying to hack into the device.

The installation process of the Free GPS Tracker NetSpy

The installation process of the Free GPS Tracker NetSpy

The installation process of the Free GPS Tracker NetSpy

First, the user has to sign up with the net spy official website where necessary formalities like the name, surname and other details like email address have to be put up and once that is done now the user can easily proceed with the payment and pay the requisite amount in n time. The app is a very effective tool for the people who wish to spy on over other people and know about their private details. This happens as the software generates the necessary phishing links which can later be used by the person to know about the entire details, which includes all about its ware about and other important things. The installation process is very smooth and easy, and anybody of any age can easily do this process very effectively.

NetSpy: Track on cell phone Location

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The NetSpy app is a very effective spying app which can easily track down the GPS location and do other stuff like accessing the documents of the next person in almost no time. The other important aspect is that the app takes down all sophisticated issues which include hours of coding and instead gives a complete space which is very popular for the usage of the hacking into other devices. The net spy app is a very trustful app which gives the person the privilege of knowing about all the details of the next person in one hand and on the other gives an enormous amount of protection from the outside influences.

The NetSpy keeps the 24×7 monitor over the other devices and keeps on sending the reliable information which can later be used to track down the necessary victim or the culprit in this case. The app has helped many since it’s been introduced in the market and the customer has an endless amount of positive feedback for the app. The app gives the information of the next person in no time, and therefore the app is a very reliable source of trustful support for a whole lot of population.

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