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Spying on Camera Using NetSpy App

Do you wish to know what your spouse or kids do on their phone? If yes, then we have software which will allow you to know what your kid is doing on their phone. You will be able to keep eye on your kids 24 x 7 using spyware. NetSpy is an application which is mobile based and allows you to spy on the target phone. This app also allows spying on camera of target phone and seeing what the target person capture and records on their phone. You can see all the photos and videos of the target phone without letting the target person knowing about it.

Spying on Camera Using NetSpy App

You can thus know if your spouse and kids sharing or capturing any funny or dirty pictures. You can also know with whom they are sharing their pictures. If you think that the pictures shared by your kids or spouse are not good and that they are sharing it with strangers then you can stop them from doing so. So, how to spy on a mobile phone using NetSpy? Read the given below paragraph to know the answer to this question!

About NetSpy and How to spy on Camera

About NetSpy and How to spy on Camera

To make use of this software you need to download & install NetSpy App. You will get the updated version of this software on this site which you can download and install. After it gets installed successfully you have to open it up and sign up or log in. Without signing in you won’t be able to use it so make sure you sign up and make the user ID and password. Log in using it and then you can enter the target phone information like name, number, age, etc. Then NetSpy will spy on target phone for you and allow you to view each and every activity of victim’s phone.

You can access their camera and see what they are capturing or recording at present. Also, you can see what they captured and deleted from their phone. The encrypted or hidden videos or photos will be available to see when used NetSpy. There is also an option given, by using which you can save the files you want and erase the unwanted details. Now, we will see what all the activity you can perform using NetSpy!

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Other Features of GuestSpy App

Make call recording

Record the calls of victim’s phone using NetSpy and hear to them whenever you desire. The recorded calls will be available to hear in the control panel. You need to have good internet speed and log in to hear them.

Call history and contacts

The history of phone calls will be captured and displayed on the users’ phone. They can see the full history of outgoing and incoming calls of the target phone. The contacts of the target phone can also be accessed and you can see phone number, name and other details saved in phone contact.

Track location

Location tracking or GPS tracking of the victim’s phone can be done easily using NetSpy. You can see at which location target phone is present and find them on the map. You can see the name of the place where they visit and see time and date. This feature is best to find the lost phone or missing kids.  You will come to know where your kid was last time and get them back.

Messenger Spy

Messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Viber can be hacked using NetSpy. You can see their activity and record as well as view their chats. The chats that are deleted or encrypted by the victim can also be seen through this feature. Save the chats if you think that they are useful and can be used as evidence.

Internet history

History of browsed content can be viewed by you using NetSpy. You can see the content that victim has viewed and you can block that content which is not useful or inappropriate. You can block links and sites which you don’t want the victim to visit. In the internet history feature, you are also allowed to view downloaded files, saved or bookmark pages.

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These are a few important features of NetSpy and there are many more features which you can use it. But the most important ones are only discussed here. So, read them thoroughly, follow the above-given steps and spy on the target phone using NetSpy. You will get accurate details of the target phone and you will be able to stop your kids and spouse from getting in contact with strangers. You can protect them from cybercrime and related activities using this app.

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