How to spy on SMS messages

SMS Spy: How to spy on SMS messages

Today, we have a number of different ways of communication. We can send text messages, call, or share information via the social media platform. The telecommunication services have improved a lot in few decades, and it has open many different ways to stay in touch with people living around the world. Text messages are one such way. Today, many people rely on this service to share their valuable information and communicate with their friends, colleagues or family. Text services are reliable and safe because of its security features.

However, we cannot deny the fact that many people use this service to commit offensive actions to threat others. Thus, the necessity to hack text messages emerges.

SMS Spy: How to spy on SMS messages

SMS Spy: How to spy on SMS messages

How to spy on text messages with NetSpy

In earlier days, Hacking or spying cell phones was not as easy as it is today. In those days, only big authorities and spy agents were allowed to hack or spy a cell phone for investigation. A common man did not have any method to do text message spy. However, hacking is not legal as it can put a person in trouble. But if the person has a reasonable purpose like to save someone from a possible future threat from another potential person then spying is not a cause for concern.

NetSpy allows you to view all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the target device, even those that may have been erased.

You can view:

  • The content of each SMS / MMS
  • The message type, if it is a message sent or received
  • The name of the sender or recipient
  • The date and time of the message
  • The location and GPS coordinates of the phone at the time of sending or receiving the message

NetSpy: Spy on Text Messages

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How to spy on someones text messages without them knowing

It is the question of many individuals who want to spy on text messages of their friends or spouse, or employees or even on kids. Net Spy is a spy application that does its work secretly, and the person will not even get a hint about the spying. A spy application is a mobile-based application which is developed to extract all the necessary information from the host device and share it the user. The mobile phone of the victim or the person being monitored is the host device in which the application is installed.

How to spy on someones text messages without them knowing

How to spy on someones text messages without them knowing

A user will receive a unique user ID and password to login to the dashboard. This dashboard is the place where the user can see text messages. Net spy has this dedicated platform to give information and take commands from its master, i.e., the user. It’s a secure platform that allows the only user to access it and no one else can enter into the login page of the user. It confirms that all the activities done by a user are safe so that user can freely spy on text messages. Thus, a user can completely rely upon and trust Net Spy.

Why Net Spy

In the above paragraph, we have talked about Net Spy, but that is not sufficient enough for text messages spy. A user should know everything about the spy app like its features, downloading procedure, price, terms and conditions and customer policy. But before these, you must know why net spy?

  • It is safe and trustworthy
  • It offers a free trial version
  • It offers several packages with different price range
  • It is user-friendly
  • It offers 24/7 customer support
  • It is best spy application
  • A complete dedicated platform to share information with user

Net Spy has various features that entertain the user for text messages spy. It does not come with one or two features, but you will get several distinct features that are not found in other spy software. Here is the list of features offered by Net Spy.

Net Spy and its features

Net Spy and its features

Net Spy and its features

It has few features that are common in most of the spy software while some are rare and only Net Spy offer them.

Text message Spy

Unlike, other applications Net Spy can fetch older messages which are a day, week or month old. Along with the text messages, the net spy will send date, time, and recipient contact number to the user.

Browsing history

A user will receive the browser history of a day, week, month or even older browsing information.

Ambient listening

The ambient listening feature is the tool which helps the next person to listen all the ambient sound all around the world.


By turning on this feature a user can know the password and other details like account information, etc

Other features of net spy are as follows:

  • Ambient listening, to listen to the surrounding voice of the device.
  • Social chat monitoring, to read the messages and conversation made on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and another platform.
  • Phone history, to fetch the contact list.
  • Net spy will fetch the information of all applications that are installed in the device.

Net Spy is no doubt has multiple features and capability to perform the tasks with perfection. The privacy policy of the application is as per the requirements of the customer means no information of the user will be shared with the third party. The customer policy says that information of the users of the net spy is saved and secured by the application. Therefore, a user is asked to make a profile or account with the NetSpy to easily receive messages for text messages spy.

A 24/7 online customer support or help by NetSpy is to offer ease and comfort to the users. Any net spy is free to ask any doubts or question with the net spy team related to the functionality and operation of the application.

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How to begin text message spy with NetSpy

How to begin text message spy with NetSpy

How to begin text message spy with NetSpy

To start with NetSpy, download the application. The process is easy, and anyone can easily download the application. Remember the application has to be downloading and installed on the host device (the victim’s cell phone). If you download it on your device, then net spy will give your phone details to you. Initially, the software is available for free use or trial. So, don’t think that it’s available for free. The free version of NetSpy allows its use for first 48 hours of downloading. Later, the user has to purchase the NetSpy for further use.

You will get it easily on any application store. Download from there or otherwise download NetSpy from Once you download, it will ask you to make the account on it. Share your basic info and create an account. Install it on the host device and then hide it so that it runs in stealth mode. Later doing this process, make sure to remove the search history, notification of successfully downloading of NetSpy.

Any notification of download will give a hint to the person about spying. Once you do that, simply sit and watch the working of NetSpy. Remember that first use the application on your device to ensure that it works or not. Those who already know about NetSpy can jump to the process of downloading.

As we said that it offers plans and packages, so don’t forget to choose a plan that is according to your need for text messages spy.

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