How to Spy Mobile without Installing Software

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October 30, 2018
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How to track Android phones from iPhone
November 12, 2018

How to Spy Mobile without Installing Software

How to Spy Mobile without Installing Software

How to Spy Mobile without Installing Software

Spy Mobile With No Software Installation- Is this Possible?

The 21st century has witnessed the rapid progress of technology and many revolutionary discoveries of science that have affected our daily lives.  Mobile and smartphones have changed the idea of communication in today’s society.  The Internet is also playing a major role today.  It has become an inseparable element and it is hard to imagine a single day without the connectivity. Now you can connect to a person within seconds who is living far away or in remote places or discover new places with advanced satellite view through the Internet.

Spy Mobile With No Software Installation- Is this Possible?

Spy Mobile With No Software Installation- Is this Possible?

With the progress of technology, you can also spot the uprising violence, scams and chaos in the modern world and numerous people are concerned about their safety and security in this digital world. Mobile spying is a very common thing in 2018 and a large number of people are using different spying apps to keep an eye on their family members, employees or kids. Digital monitoring is an effective way to monitor the activities for security purposes and a lot of apps and software are available on the Internet.  In spite of all these advantages, there are many people who seek an alternative to spy on mobile devices without installing software or apps. Nowadays it is possible and there are many techniques through which you can spy on the mobile devices and you don’t have to install any software for that.  The article will highlight different techniques for spying on the mobile devices without any software.

Present scenario

Android and iPhone are two big names in the world of smartphones and these two operating systems are dominating the present digital world.  Nowadays a large number of people are relying on different monitoring solutions like free apps and software. If you Google it, you can find hundreds of spying apps on the App Store and Play Store. Most of the apps come free of cost and sometimes they charge for some special features. There are different services from Google that allows free monitoring solutions through GPS, maps, find my device, Google earth and many more. Moreover, there are other apps that allow its users to use some advanced features.

There are many companies who advertise their product saying they don’t require any installation process and give you access to the targeted device. However, it is not true and you must install at least an effective app to get the details from another device. There is no such software that can trace the activity from another device without any installation and something similar like that. Developers are working on the spying and monitoring and these apps are effective and offer numerous features. At the same time, they are very simple and anyone with the basic knowledge of a smartphone and operate it. If you are reluctant to use any software to track and monitor a mobile device, an app would be the perfect choice to fulfill your requirements.

Different apps

You can find hundreds of apps on the internet. Nowadays, most of the apps are compatible with both Android and iOS to increase the base, the competition is also very tough and you can find almost similar features in these apps. Not everyone prefers spying on the people, some people use it to monitor their workers at a workplace, some people use it to monitor their kids at the home and the rest prefer spying on people anonymously. NetSpy is one of the most reliable tracking apps available on both Android and iOS and this app can help you to spy secretly on different devices. If you are willing to learn spying techniques without using software, this discussion will help you to learn the technique.

Learn how to Spy Mobile without Installing Software with NetSpy App

Learn how to Spy Mobile without Installing Software with NetSpy App

Learn how to Spy Mobile without Installing Software with NetSpy App

You will have to complete a registration and installation process in order to spy others mobile devices using your phone. The entire process is very simple and it takes a few minutes only. You can spy after completing the three-step easy installation process. The process is described below;


Step 1: Installation

Now you can install the Phone Tracker app easily on your phone. You can find this app on the App Store and Play Store and you can install it anytime. The entire installation procedure is very easy and it is a matter of few minutes only. Now be prepared with your phone to start spying on any mobile. Once you install the app you can discover numerous features on the control panel. Now choose the desired spying features from the panel and follow the instruction accordingly.

Step 2: Spy on a phone

Now you can spy on mobile devices using the app. There are multiple features like accessing call logs, SMS logs, browsing history, media on the device, spy camera, call recording and many more. The app comes with more than 25 distinctive apps that make it more appealing to the users. We will discuss different advanced features of this app in the following portion. You can go through the text messages sent or received from the phone, you can also see the call history using this app. If you wish to access the real-time location of the device, you can access it with the help of GPS. If you are willing to browse their internet history you can get it too. This is how you can keep an eye on your family and friends and save them from unwanted trouble with remote control feature of this app.

We know this is exciting and now you can do it as well. If you are thinking to install, don’t just waste your time thinking, just do it and see the effectiveness. Accuracy is a vital thing for spy apps and software and this app is considered to be one of the most reliable and accurate monitoring solutions available on the Internet. If you are thinking about its advanced features, the following portion of our discussion will highlight the issue.

View All Feature Download NetSpy Now

Special features of NetSpy App

Special features of NetSpy App

Special features of NetSpy App

Nowadays you can find hundreds of apps for secret spying and monitoring. Phone Tracker is different from the other apps and it offers some special features at absolutely free of cost and this is why the demand of this app is very high. It comes with more than 25 exclusive monitoring features and it is also compatible with the latest version of Android.

Tracking real-time location

Tracking the real-time location is possible with Phone Tracker app.  If you are interested to monitor your workers at any workplace, this feature is very effective to monitor the activities. You might be interested to know how your workers spend the lunch break and you can get an idea with their real-time location.

SMS tracker

Now you can also track all the messages sent and received with the help of this app. If you are looking for a specific info related to any date or keyword you can also filter it.

Call history

Many people are willing to spy on the call history and you can easily access it with Phone Tracker app. It will also show you additional details like time of the call and duration, missed calls etc.

Internet History

If you are looking for an effective monitoring solution for your kids, accessing the internet history is important. The present virtual world is full of sexual content and if you are looking for an effective parental monitoring app, this is the best app available on the internet. Now you can check the internet history and control different things from your phone easily.

Secret call recording feature

Suppose you want to spy on some conversation and record it. Phone Tracker comes with secret call recording feature that will allow you to spy on the calls and record it. It is one of the advanced features and you can avail it for free of cost.

Videos and images on the device

If you want to spy on the images and videos on the device you can access it from your device using the phone tracker app.

Social network spy

Social networking is very popular in the present scenario. If you want to spy on the conversations on the social media, you can do it too. There is a feature in Phone Tracker app that allows you to spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram chat easily.


At the end of the discussion, spying is not so tough in the 21st century. Monitoring and spying apps acquire a stable market and developers are working to enhance the spying experience of the users and new apps are being introduced. If you are looking for a solution to spy without software, apps would be perfect and you can try NetSpy App to spy on other mobile devices.

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