Track Internet Browsing History

Track Internet Browsing History Using NetSpy App

People spend most of their time surfing on the internet but what are they searching? Have you ever wondered this? If not then you should, because most of the time people search wrong things or content on the internet and get in trouble. Mostly kids and teenagers of today use the internet to make projects, to watch videos and images. They spend half of their day surfing on topics which are of no use. Parents must monitor their kids to know what they are browsing on the internet and keep them away from content which is not appropriate.

Track Internet Browsing History Using NetSpy App

Track Internet Browsing History Using NetSpy App

How to monitor on kids phone

We suggest you to use the spyware to monitor on the kids. Spyware is not costly and very easily available on play store. On the play store, you can find a number of Spy Apps and you can make use of such apps to spy or monitor your kid’s activity. These apps are not illegal for use but their use is meant to monitor kids, spouse or employees. The intention of the user must not be harming others or else they will get into trouble in the near future.

It is recommended to use the spyware named NetSpy for monitoring your kid’s phone. This software is accepted for use by many parents and they get best results of monitoring using it. They love its functionality, compatibility, accurateness and it is very easy to operate it. You need not have to learn any special skills or follow a complex process to operate it. Also, NetSpy is mobile spy free, it does not consume large space of your phone and you can remain undetected while using it. Hence, your kids will not come to know that their parents are watching over them.

How to use NetSpy to track internet history

How to use NetSpy to track internet history

How to use NetSpy to track internet history

If you wish to track the internet history or browser history of your kid’s phone then you can follow the given below steps-

  • Download & install AppSpy on Cell phone
  • You need to make an account for accessing the control panel
  • The user can log in and then fill target phone details
  • Submit all the details asked and agree with privacy policy to continue

Control panel will be accessed and you will be able to use all the features given in the control panel. You can make settings as per your needs and start using this app to monitor the target phone. You can view internet history of target phone from the “browser history spy”. You can see the pages visited by target phone user and browsed content. You can block those contents or pages which contain inappropriate content. You can also block the URL or website which you don’t want your kids to access.

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What features are offered to the user in NetSpy

There are a number of features you get in NetSpy some of the main features you get is given below-

GPS tracking– tracks the location of the target mobile in no time using this software. You can get the real-time location of the target phone on the map. You can see their activity status and time and date stamp will be available to see with it.

Call spy this feature is one of the main features of netspy and using it you are able to record the full conversation of the person with other people. The recording quality is high and you are even offered an option to save the recordings of call.

Messenger spy- you can spy on the messages of messengers. You can get full chat of messenger apps like the Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. You can see the saved or hidden messages, chats and media content of the target phone as well.

App usage- parents can record the app usage of their kid’s phone and they will come to know how much time their kids waste on mobile and which is the app most used by their kids. Also, there is feature using which the target phone apps can be blocked permanently. Once, you block an app it cannot be accessed by target phone user.

Keylogger- record patterns, passwords, and keys pressed by target phone user. This will help you to know the passwords of the target phone and then you can unlock it anytime. If the target phone is lost then you can also reset the password or lock the phone.

Thus, it is a very useful app for monitoring someone’s phone. Use it today if you wish to know what your kids are doing on their phone and check their browser history.

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