How to Hack Instagram Account (No Survey)

How to Hack Instagram Account (No Survey)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. There are many celebrities whom you can easily follow on Instagram. By following them, you will be able to view all their posts. But there is a dark side to Instagram. Below all the fame and popularity lies the dark side. Here you will find scammers, cyber-criminals, fraudsters, and bullies. This site is a bit at all safe of young kids.

If they wander to this side, their life and future can be in danger. To avoid this, you can hack your kid’s Instagram to know if they are using the app in the right way. You can protect them by hacking their Instagram. But while hacking it, you will face problems like surveys. This is one of the common issues with hacking tools and apps. But you don’t have to worry. Here, we will show you how to hack Instagram without any problem.

What is Instagram Hacking?

What is Instagram Hacking
What is Instagram Hacking

Hacking Instagram means using it without the owner’s permission. Many people hack social media to get information. By hacking Instagram, you can get a lot of information. You can easily spy on your kids and check who they are talking to. However, you can read their direct messages on Instagram. You can check the type of pictures they are sharing with others. Moreover, you will also see the pole they are following. You can check if they are in any danger. Also, you will get information about their online friends. You can adequately guide them if you know what’s going on in their life.

Is Hacking Instagram Good or Bad?

As we all know, hacking has always been a sensitive topic. While some people are in favor of piracy, others are against it. But it all depends on the intention and damage. There are evil hackers who indulge in hacking to gain something out of it. They usually steal information and then blackmail people for money. This type of Instagram hacking is terrible. You should never do this.

The other type of hacking is where the intention is good—for example, parents hacking their child’s Instagram to protect them from bullies. You can participate in this type of hacking if the situation calls for it. But there are specific rules you need to follow. You have to use legal tools and follow the guidelines of ethical hacking to avoid any consequences.

What is Survey?

Online surveys are actually a type of clickbait. Most of the fake tools or sites which promise Instagram hacking for free includes survey. The problem with the survey is that they are time-consuming and contains malware. When you try to search for Instagram hacking tools, you will find many sites that will ask you to take the survey.

If you take the survey, you will fall into a trap. After finishing one survey, you will be told to take another survey or download an app. If you download the app, you can harm your device as the fake apps contain malware. You may even lose money because of the survey and counterfeit apps. If you purchase any such apps, your money will be lost, and you won’t be able to use the app to hack Instagram.

If you want to avoid any survey, you need to choose an official spying app or ways where a survey is not required.

Instagram Hacking Methods

Instagram Hacking Methods
Instagram Hacking Methods

Here are some methods which do not include a survey. Try to use any of these methods while hacking Instagram.

Hacking Instagram by Entering Password

You can directly try to hack Instagram by using the password. To use this method, you need to know the email id of the person. Along with it, you should also have some idea about the password. You have to open the Instagram login page on your web browser to use this method. After that, you have to enter the email id. Now, you have to guess the password. If you are able to guess the right password, you can hack the account with this method. If you are unsuccessful, leave this method. You can try some other method to hack Instagram.

Try Instagram Password at

Hacking Instagram via Forgot Password Option

All social media users know how this method works. When you forget your email id or password, you can use this option to generate the new one. You can also use this option to hack Instagram. To use this option, you have to open the Instagram login page and click on the Forgot Password option. Now, you have to answer the secret questions set by the user. You can also use other methods to generate a password like an email option or contact number option. You can choose whichever option fits best for you. After you are successful, you can set the new password and use it to hack Instagram.

Try Reset Instagram Password at

Hacking Instagram by Online Tools

This option may or may not work. You can also encounter a survey problem with this tool. You have to find online Instagram hacking tools where a survey is not needed. All you have to do is open the website of the Instagram hacking tool in your web browser. After that, enter the Instagram username and click on continue. If you get the password, you can use it to hack Instagram directly from the browser.

Click the link to know the list of Instagram hacking tools.

Hacking Instagram by a Spying App

Spying app such as Net Spy is the most preferred option to spy on Instagram. A spying app is specially developed for hacking. As there are many fake apps on the internet, you need to choose the app very carefully. Choose an official app that doesn’t need a survey. You can use a reputed app for hacking. These apps work in an invisible mode, so they are perfect for hacking. Apart from hacking Instagram, you can also use other functions of a spying app.

A spying app is used to hack Instagram in two ways. However, one way is by using the direct hacking option. Another way is by using an indirect hacking option. You have to use the Keylogger option to hack Instagram indirectly. We will show you how to hack using both these options.


How to hack Instagram Using Spying App

How to hack Instagram Using Spying App
How to hack Instagram Using Spying App

If you want to learn how to hack Instagram by using a spying app such as NetSpy App (, follow these steps. You can choose these steps as per the type of the phone.

Step 1: Installation (For Android only)

This step is only meant for android phones. You have to follow the manual setup process. First, use the phone and download the app. It should be downloaded from the website only.

Before downloading, you have to make necessary changes in the settings so that the app is supported. You have to allow sources and continue with the downloading.

After you download it, open the app and install it on the phone. Moreover, after installation, log in using your details, and wait for configuration. After configuration, hide the app. You also have to erase history to avoid suspicion.


Step 2: Instagram Spy (Direct Method)

This is the direct method of an Instagram spy. For using the direct method, you have to log in to your account at Use the website to login along with your details.

After that, go to controls and select the Instagram Spy option. This is the direct hacking option. When you use this option, you will be able to get all the Instagram information in your account directly.

Step 3: KeyLogger (Indirect Method)

This is the indirect method of hacking Instagram. If you don’t want to hack Instagram directly, you can use this option. In this option, after you log in, you have to choose the Keylogger option.

With this option, you will be able to track keystrokes. You can track your Instagram password and use it to hack Instagram from the browser. Once you log in, you will be able to track everything.



These are some of the methods where a survey is not needed to hack Instagram. You can use any of the options given above. A survey is not required in any of these options.

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