How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account

To hack a Facebook account, the hacker has to know the victim’s username and password. To do this, they can use a keylogger that records everything that a user types. If the hacker manages to get access to this information, they can then use it on other social media accounts.

Another way to hack someone’s Facebook account is to send them phishing emails. These emails can look like they’re coming from Facebook, asking them to change their password for a fictitious reason. They might also pretend to be a notification or a message from the Community Standards.

Hacking a Facebook account can give you access to a variety of lucrative accounts. Many people use Facebook as a default login to shopping sites. While it’s convenient and quick to use the same password for several accounts, it’s also a major security risk.

Hack Someone's Facebook Account

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account

If you want to hack a Facebook account, there are many methods that you can use. You can use NetSpy, Phishing, or TheTruthSpy. These programs will allow you to spy on your target’s online activities and send them messages in their own name. These programs will even allow you to search for lost accounts.



The NetSpy program is used to monitor an individual’s online activity. It can access an individual’s Facebook account and phone number to collect data. This data is then sent to a web dashboard where you can view it at any time. This can include contact details, text messages, and voice call logs.

The app works on both Android and iOS devices. You will need the device of the target person and the victim’s Apple ID credentials to install the software. Once installed, NetSpy will track the targeted device’s activity and upload it to your online dashboard.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. The number of users is constantly growing. However, there are ways to spy on someone’s Facebook account without installing a spying app. One of these methods is to steal cookies, install hardware keyloggers, or perform phishing. However, these methods can be complicated and time-consuming. Luckily, NetSpy is an easy and effective way to monitor someone’s Facebook account without them knowing about it.


If you want to hack someone’s Facebook account, you must know a couple of tricks. The first one involves phishing, which is very common in the hacking world. In this technique, you need to create a fake login page using the victim’s domain name and hosting account. You can then trick the victim into opening the fake page, revealing their login details, which will give you access to their Facebook account.

To use the app, you must know the target’s username and email address. After entering these details, you have to wait two minutes. After that, you will receive the hacked password.


TheTruthSpy promises to hack Facebook accounts, but it costs more than other Facebook spy apps. Its premium features work 100% of the time and will enable you to track other devices. For instance, you can listen to live VOIP calls, monitor SMS messages, and view photo galleries. Additionally, TheTruthSpy has a GPS tracking system, allowing you to follow a target’s movements using GPS. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the application is very effective.

The TheTruthSpy app can spy on iOS and Android devices without requiring rooting the target device. It doesn’t require rooting the target phone, but it does require a software license. It also features a web-based surveillance interface. The social media monitoring feature can also be accessed through the software’s dedicated portal.

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