NetSpy Features

8+ Mobile Spy Free Features

Do you know which features you can use with the NetSpy App? With this free spying app, you can enjoy multiple spying features. Each component has its own advantage. You can use one or all of these features to spy on the phone completely. To use the elements, you need to operate your account. In the control panel option of your spying account, there is a list of spying functions. You can select any function to get the details on the dashboard.

NetSpy Features: 8+ Mobile Spy Free Features

8+ Mobile Spy Free Features
8+ Mobile Spy Free Features

If you want to know more about the spying features of this app, we can help you. In this post, we will discuss the 8+ Mobile Spy Free Features.

Free GPS Tracker: The location displayed on the dashboard will include address, longitude, latitude, date and time, and Google map location. You can even track the location using Google Maps.

Text Message Spy: You can check the chats & contact information of the sender/receiver. Moreover, you can even track all the deleted messages.

Call Records: With the call recording feature, you can record all the calls and listen to these calls. You can save the recording too.

Live Recording: You can record all the talks and listen to them from the dashboard. The recording quality is good so that you can clearly listen to everything.

Media Files: With this feature, you can spy on media files on a phone. You will be able to see all the downloaded media as well. Moreover, you can check the screenshots and audio too.

Keylogger: Everything that is being typed on the phone will be recorded. You can use it to get social media app passwords and hack it.

Browser History: You can check the most visited sites on the phone or how much time the individual spends on a particular site. Moreover, you can even block certain apps or sites.

Social Apps Monitoring: You can track social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You will also get information about the person who is ending or receiving the messages.


These are the 8+ features of the cell spy app. You can use any of these features or a combination of components to get information. All the data is neatly arranged on the dashboard of the app. There are many new features that are introduced to enhance spying experience.