How to Spy on Text Messages

How to Spy on Text Messages

SMS Spy or SMS Tracker function is mostly available for free with many spying apps. This is the most underrated spying feature. It can be instrumental for you. With this spying function, you can easily track all the sent, received as well as deleted text messages. You don’t have to touch the phone to read the messages. You can read the messages from the dashboard without getting caught. In this post, we will guide you on how to spy on SMS.

Text Message Spy

Text Message Spy
Text Message Spy

SMS Spy is one of the core spying functions of any spying app such as NetSpy –  Free SMS Spy. You can use this feature for free. To use this feature, you don’t have to make any efforts. You can log in to your account and spy on all the text messages.

What can you spy?

By using this app, you can monitor all these things.

  • Outgoing Messages: You can read all the outgoing messages on the phone.
  • Incoming Messages: You can read all the incoming messages on the phone.
  • Date/ Time Stamps: You can check the date and time stamp of each message to know the exact time.
  • Text Body: You can read the body of the message. This is the central part of the message.
  • Contact Information: You can also check the contact information of the sender/ receiver. This information will only be displayed if the information is saved on the phone.
  • Deleted Messages: You can also check the messages which have been deleted.

How does it work?

It works in a simple format. Once you install the app on the phone, all the information on the phone will be backed up from the device. Moreover, the information will be stored in the app. When you access the app, you will get all this information on the dashboard. All the data which is taken from the phone is uploaded to your account. This data is protected and private. Nobody else can use this data.

Advantages of SMS Spy

Here is a list of the benefits of SMS Spy function.

  • For Parents: If your kid is spending too much time on their phone, you must know what’s going on. They can be chatting with the wrong person. If you use this function to spy on their messages and keep them in control.
  • For Employer: You can control your employees from disclosing all the private information about your company. You can spy on their messages to check if they are working or not.
  • Free: This spying function is available for free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny to use this feature.
  • Stay Up-to-date: You can stay up-to-date by tracking all the messages. You will know what’s going in someone’s life. You can keep yourself informed and always be ready for any unforeseen circumstances.

Steps to Spy on Text Messages

Steps to Spy on Text Messages
Steps to Spy on Text Messages

Here, we will show you how to spy on SMS using a spying app. Follow all these steps.

Step 1: Download Text Message Spy App

The installation process is different for the iPhone. If you want to spy on iPhone, you have to enter the iCloud details in the panel. You don’t need to follow manual installation. This option is only available for spying on iPhone.

If you want to spy on an android device, you have to download and install the app. It would be best if you prepared the phone by giving the necessary permission. After that, you have to download the app from the site. After downloading is complete, could you tap on the file and install it? Don’t forget to hide the icon and delete the history after use.

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Step 2: Install & Setup Your Account

After setup, you have to install and register or login to your account and start tracking the activities. You need to log in from the website and use your email id and password to log in.

Step 3: Login and choose SMS Spy option

Once you log in, you will be directly taken to the dashboard. You have to choose the SMS Spy function to track SMS. The functions are given on the left-hand column of the dashboard. Once you choose it, you can track all the SMS from the dashboard.


You have to follow these steps to spy on SMS using a spying app. You can also take advantage of other spying features available on the control panel of the account.

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