How to spy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Spy: How to spy on WhatsApp

Today, no one in this world is unaware of WhatsApp. It is an incredible application that has achieved the title of “popular messaging application.” Almost every smart phone users have WhatsApp on their device. There is no need to ask or tell why WhatsApp is popular? But its popularity and overuse in business, among teens and adults, is posing a threat to them. However, it is not the fault of application, but the way people use it is responsible for the threats.

WhatsApp Spy: How to spy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Spy: How to spy on WhatsApp

Read to know the safe and fast method of spying WhatsApp messages

That’s the common question asked by many WhatsApp users. The reason to spy other WhatsApp account varies from user to user. The common reason that we got is that these users want to monitor their employee or teen kids. It means these peoples are parent and employer of the business that sees use of WhatsApp more than the usual.

However, few people want to do WhatsApp spy just to tease their friends or play the prank on them. Reasons could be many, but a solution is only one, and that is Netspy. Hope you have heard about it, but if not then here you will know everything about it. Those who know about it, can tell you what is it and what it can do? Well, no need to ask them because here you are going to get the complete information about NetSpy.

It is the first question that will come to your mind. Well, if you are here that means you want to know how to spy on WhatsApp. So, your answer is hidden in this question. NetSpy is an application to spy WhatsApp. But once you know in deep about it then you will understand that it is not an application to spy only WhatsApp. It can do more than that, but let’s clear your first question.

What is NetSpy

What is NetSpy

What is NetSpy

NetSpy Software is designed to monitor all the activities of the host device. In short, you can say that it’s a spy app as it secretly performs its operation of monitoring. All the activities mean a person can get the complete access to the device. A user can see some applications on device, messages, call records, picture or photos saved in a gallery, etc.

According to a study, there were many people searching for the applications or way to spy on WhatsApp. Therefore, many alternatives to do so were introduced. People who wanted to spy WhatsApp have tried various methods and ways to do so. But, we know that they have not got successful results as they are not secure methods. The only secure way is to use a spy app. NetSpy is one among them. However, it is not only for WhatsApp spy.

But, there is a reason that why many people want to monitor this messaging application WhatsApp. These are the few reason for spying WhatsApp.

Monitor employees

An earlier mobile phone was not affordable, and only rich people could afford that. Only employer or owner had the cell phone to communicate with the other parties for the business purpose. Today, everyone has the mobile phone because they are now affordable and also have various features. Many companies allow their employees to bring the cell phone to the office. But what has seen usually that employees use the mobile phone for long and that to be for the unnecessary reason during the office hours. This lowers the productivity as employees stay busy in checking WhatsApp status or posting photos and chatting with their friends.

Employees even use office device like computers or PCs to log in to the WhatsApp web and use WhatsApp. Thus, employers should monitor their employees to know what they do in free time and during working hours.

Monitor teens

What is commonly seen in teens is that they are using whatsapp more than the adults. Teens stick to their cell phones and chat with their friends for hours and hours. Their conversation goes too long, and they even chat during the odd hours. WhatsApp has become the addiction for the teens, and hence parents are worried about their kids. Chatting with friends is not harm, but it does not mean that it is not going to harm them.

Parents usually ask how to spy on WhatsApp? And it is because; they want their kids to stay away from any wrong activities and the wrong person at WhatsApp.

Catch Cheating Spouse

People in the relationship who have any doubt on their partner wish to get something through which they can monitor the WhatsApp activities of their partner. Asking directly to the partner about the doubts can lead to create a bigger issue and ruin the relations. Therefore, couples search for the secret method of monitoring WhatsApp. Spying will give them a peace of mind, and they can save their relationship without fueling the fire and create more problems.

Investing a few dollars and purchasing a spy app will give satisfaction to all such persons. Spy apps are the best solution to such problems, and it poses no harm to the suspect and the user. So, if you feel something fishy about your employees or kids, then NestSpy is what you should get. Having doubt is not always a reason for WhatsApp spy. Security of your friends or teen kids is a common reason and the most important reason to use the net spy.


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What are the exciting features of WhatsApp Spy NetSpy

What are the exciting features of WhatsApp Spy NetSpy

What are the exciting features of WhatsApp Spy NetSpy

Maybe you are interested in knowing about how to spy on WhatsApp, but a little info about rest of its feature is valuable too.

Tracking location

NestSpy can tell you about the exact location where the mobile user is. Location of the user will be traced along with the latitudes and longitudes to inform you where exactly the person is right now. Netspy will do that by using its GPS tracker. Those who are spying on their employees, kids, and partner must be aware of the place they go and for how long they stayed.

Spying messages

Apart from WhatsApp messages, you can read their Facebook messages, tweets made on Twitter, text messages, etc. NetSpy have the eye over the applications that are residing on the device and thus whenever the person use any of them for sending messages then you are informed.

Recording calls

Call recording is the useful feature of NetSpy. You can listen to every call made by the caller. All incoming, outgoing calls are recorded when you instruct the NetSpy to record the call. The audio quality of the recorded call is very good, and you can hear each word.

Media files

WhatsApp allows the user to share photos and they automatically save when the user clicks on them. So for the effective WhatsApp spy you need to look at the photos, media files shared on WhatsApp. Therefore, NestSpy inform you whenever the person receives the multimedia files on WhatsApp. Apart from this, files saved in a gallery are easy to view.

Browser history

Maybe the person use WhatsApp web version, NestSpy will tell you about this by sharing the browser history. History of internet browser will be directly transferred to the panel which you can access via login to your account. Don’t worry if the user has removed the history. NestSpy can fetch the history even though it is cleared from the device.

Many more are the features of NestSpy. Hope you get the solution to how to spy on WhatsApp messages. Netspy has all the answers to your questions. It is best and to get the best spying experience from NestSpy, download it now and use it before it gets too late.

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How to purchase NestSpy for spying on WhatsApp

How to purchase NestSpy for spying on WhatsApp

How to purchase NestSpy for spying on WhatsApp

Let us tell you that you will not get it for free. It has plans which are accessible only when you pay for it. However, if you are a first user and do not trust in its working, then take a free trial. Simply download NetSpy and use it for free. Use any feature of NestSpy and check whether it is according to expectation or not. The free version is accessible for the 48hours, and you can then purchase the application. To purchase it, follow the steps:

  • Go to
  • Download the NestSpy
  • Install the NestSpy
  • Choose the plan and subscription period
  • Make the payment via any payment mode

Once you purchase it will send you the email or notification displaying your payment is successfully received. Then you can start using NestSpy for WhatsApp spy.

Whenever you purchase an application, remember that you see these things before paying for it.

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