How to Track My Husband Without Him Knowing

How to Track My Husband Without Him Knowing

Husbands have a nature track record of cheating on their wives. Not all husbands are cheaters, but there are some husbands who like to have an extramarital affair with other women. If your husband is behaving weirdly around you or if you suspect anything, you need to track him to find out the truth. You can also follow him to know his location or keep an eye on him while he is working away from home. Here, we will show you how to track your husband.

4 Ways to Track Your Husband

4 Ways to Track Your Husband
4 Ways to Track Your Husband

If you want to track your husband, make sure you do it secretly without alerting him. Here are some ways to track your husband.

Private Investigator

It is one of the oldest methods of spying on someone. There are many investigators who work privately. You can hire a good private investigator to track your husband and report to you. They use high-tech tools to get all the information. This method is ancient and has many flaws. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of money. It is very risky, too as you involve another person in your private matters.

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You can also use the services of a professional hacker to hack your husband’s phone and find out the truth. This method is very costly and risky. Hackers can demand a lot of money from you. Also, they cannot be trusted with your personal information. So these methods naturally fail.

Tracking Gadget

You can use a micro GPS tracking gadget and hide it in his car or clothes. Moreover, it is better to sneak it in a car. It is instrumental. However, this method is suitable but only provides limited information. You will only be able to track his location. The location will not be accurate as he may park his car elsewhere.

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Spying App

This is one of the latest and best ways to track your husband. These apps need to be installed on his phone. It will help you get all the information directly from his phone. Also, this method is budget-friendly. With a spying app, you can get complete details. As spying apps are undetected, he will never know about the spying.

What information will you get by using a spying app?

You will get all this information by using a spying app.

  • Calling Details: You will be able to get all his calling details. You will get all the information on the call logs. Moreover, you can also listen to all his call recordings. You have to use the call spy option to get details.
  • Message Details: You will be able to get all his text messages information. Apart from that, you can also check his chats from different messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. All these options will be available on the panel of the app.
  • Location: You will get information about his locations. You can track his live location on the map. All the previous locations will also be available on the spying account.
  • Gallery: You can check his phone gallery. You can open his pictures and view the videos stored on his phone. You can even see all the downloaded media files on his phone.
  • Recording: You can record his conversations with other people using the ambient recording function. You can save these recordings and use them later.
  • Browsing History: You will get information about his phone browsing history. You can check the sites he visits or the apps he downloads.
  • Social Media: You can obtain his social media information as well, you will be able to track all his chats. You can follow his Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.


Steps to Track Your Husband

Here, will show you how to track your husband easily by using a spying app. There are different types of spying apps you can use. Make sure the app includes all the options. He won’t be able to detect the app as it is hidden in the phone.

Step 1: Download & Install

Step 1: Download & Install
Step 1: Download & Install

The step will differ for iPhone and Android phones. So follow the steps accordingly.

Step 1.1: Spy on Husband’s iPhone

If he uses an iPhone, follow this step. To spy on iPhone, there is no need for installation. You can do it without the phone. You need only to add his iTunes details to setup. Once the features are added, it will be configured and ready.

Step 1.2: Spy on Husband’s Android

Follow this step, if he uses an android phone. To spy on Android, installation is compulsory. For this, you have to use his cellphone onetime. Although it is risky, it will take only 10 minutes. You need to download the app from the website. After downloading, it has to be installed. Open the file and install it on his phone.


Step 2: Register Your Account

Step 2: Register Your Account
Step 2: Register Your Account

You need to register a new account (email/password). And if you want to spy on husband without him knowing, you must hide the spying app.

Step 3: Monitor

Step 3: Monitor
Step 3: Monitor

Now, you can simply monitor all his activities. To do this, you have to use your own device, which he cannot access. Go to the website and use the log in option at Now enter your account information and login. Once you log in, go to the panel. You can select different choices from the panel. You will get all his details on the dashboard.


This is how you can easily track your husband. This option is affordable and accessible compared to other options.

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