How to Hack Viber Without Access to Phone

How to Hack Viber Without Access to Phone

Viber is a viral messenger app. It functions like WhatsApp. It is mostly used by teenagers to chat with each other. But recently, there have been many cases where the Viber app was used to blackmail other people. In reality, Viber is quite vulnerable. To chat with some, you just need their contact number. You can save this number in your phone and check if the other person is on Viber. If they are using Viber, you will find their number registered for it. If their account is not in private, you will be able to view their profile picture, status, and other details as well.

Because of this, teenagers need to use Viber with care. If proper care is not taken, any stranger can check their details. Most of the strangers actually wait for this opportunity. They will disguise themselves as an attractive young boy or girls and start chatting with you. Then the chatting will slowly turn into flirting. And in no time, they will have you trapped. They will make insistent demands and blackmail you. They will mentally harass you and spoil your entire life.

Because of all these reasons, parents need to hack their children’s Viber. Kids are naïve and can easily trust anybody. If you keep an eye on them, you can help them from all these dangers. Here, we will show you how to hack Viber.

What is Viber Hacking?

What is Viber Hacking
What is Viber Hacking

When you use anybody’s Viber without permission and check all the details, it is considered as Viber hacking. You don’t need to use the phone secretly and open the app to peep inside. Instead, you can use a more sophisticated way of hacking. You can use different methods to hack Viber. One approach is by scanning the QR code. You can open Viber on your desktop and use it to hack the app. You can also use a Keylogger app to track keystrokes and read the messages. But if you want a complete hacking method, you can use a spying app. A spying app will help you hacking Viber in a hidden way. You can also use other functions to enhance your hacking.

Why is it essential to Hack Viber?

It is imperative to hack Viber, especially for parents and employers. Viber hacking is done with a purpose. Some people need to hack Viber. Here is the importance of Viber hacking.

  • Self: You can hack your own Viber with the help of a spying app. When you hack it, all the messages will be saved in the account. All the data will be protected. So if your messages get deleted or if your phone is lost, you will still have all the information. Apart from this, you will also be able to track your phone with the spying app’s location tracking feature.
  • Parents: Parents can hack their child’s Viber account to read all their messages. When you read all the messages, you will get to know different things about your kid. You will see the type of friends your kid is hanging out with. Moreover, you can also check who they are talking to. You can check the kind of language they are using. However, you can check if they are in any trouble. This way, you can take appropriate measures to protect and control them.
  • Employer: Employers can use this technique if their employees are using Viber for communicating with each other. By hacking their Viber, the employer can keep track of all their chats. They can also set an alert if the employers share any confidential information on Viber. It will help to find out the traitors in the company. Moreover, it also helps to protect business secrets and check the productivity of the employees. It is best for supervision.
  • Partners: If your partner is secretly using Viber to chat with other people, you can hack it to find out the truth. You can read their messages and know if they are flirting or sexting with other people.

Spying App to Hack Viber

Spying App to Hack Viber
Spying App to Hack Viber

As we have discussed before, out of all the hacking ways, using a spying app such as NetSpy – Free Mobile Spy is the best option. These apps are designed to hack Viber on a different phone. To hack Viber, the phone needs to be hacked first. To do this, you have to install the app on the phone. These apps are hidden inside the app so that it cannot be detected. These apps are affordable as there are various plans to choose from. By using these apps, you can find a lot of things. Here we will show you all the things you can find out by hacking Viber.

What information will you get by hacking Viber?

When you use a spying app to hack Viber, you can get different types of information. Here is a list of all the data you can get.

  • Viber Chats: You will be able to view all the Viber chats if you hack it with a spying app. All the Viber chats will be visible to you on the spying dashboard.
  • Group Chats: Apart from personal conversations, you can also get information about group chats. You can read all the group messages on Viber.
  • Viber Media: You can view different types of multimedia exchanged on Viber chats. You can check the images, videos, files, audio messages, etc.
  • Viber Calls: You can check to call information on the Viber app. All the list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls will be shown on the account. You can check the type of call, i.e., voice call or video call.
  • Contact Information: You can view contact information about the people who your kids are chatting with on Viber. You will get details like name, number, and profile picture of the people.
  • Other Data: You can check other data like message type and message details. Features like the date and time of the message will be shown as well on the dashboard.

Steps to Hack Viber Account & Messages

If you want to hack Viber with a spying app, you need to follow proper steps. First, you need to choose a spying app. The spying app should be legal. It should also support Viber hacking. The phone you are hacking should be compatible with the app. There are different apps for different types of phones. There are various steps to Hack Viber.

One is hacking an iPhone, where you don’t need any phone access. Other is hacking android, where you need one-time access. We will show you the steps for both the phone.

Steps to Hack Viber on iPhone

Steps to Hack Viber on iPhone
Steps to Hack Viber on iPhone

Follow these steps to hack Viber on iPhone.

  • Registration of Account

Registration is always the first step you need to take. This option is available on the website of the app. After you choose the app, you need to open the browser and go to the app. There, you will find the register option. This option is free. You can create an account without paying anything. Enter your data to create an account. After this process is complete, you have to choose a plan and make the app’s payment. It is only required if you are using a paid app. Skip this step for a free trial.

  • Enter iTunes details

For this step, go to the panel option. Before entering the details, you have to create a backup. After that, enter the details. You need to know the iTunes details, or else it won’t work.

  • Viber Spy

Now, you can log in to use the Viber Spy option. Login from the website. Use your account details to log in. After that, select the Viber Spy option from controls.

Steps to Hack Viber on Android

Steps to Hack Viber on Android
Steps to Hack Viber on Android

Follow these steps to hack Viber on Android.

  • Download & Install

You need one-time access to hack Viber on Android. So make sure the phone is with you. After that, go to settings and allow sources. Then open the browser on the phone and enter the web address. Use the download option from the site. The app will start downloading on the phone. After the completion, open the file. Click on install to begin the installation process. Follow the next step after the app is installed.

Download Viber Hack for Android

  • Registration

To register, you need to open the app. When you open it, you will find the login and register option. Use the register option. Then you need to add your data. Enter the information to create your account after it is complete. You have to hide the app. Then you need to delete the browsing history.

  • Viber Spy

Go to the site and use the log in option at Enter your details and login. Then go to the control options. There will be multiple options. You have to select Viber spy to hack it. After it is complete, you will find all the hacked Viber data on the account.


This is how you can easily hack Viber. You don’t have to use the phone anymore to get information about the app. You can hack Viber without any complications.

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